Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Our Trip to the Rocky Shore...

We've been learning about how to be a good friend and soon we will be exploring 'Our Friends in the Sea'.  Yesterday we had a great time visiting the Island Bay Marine Education Centre in Wellington.  Judy and Victor, the centre's educators, showed us around the rock pools and told us about the creatures and life in them. Then we went through to the aquarium and got to see some of the species we'd talked about (and in some cases, found) up close. There are tanks of all different sizes and a wonderful touch pool, where you can actually pick up things and gently examine them.  It was so cool...

Theodore came too.  He loved exploring the rock pools.
Mrs P found him up close in the touch tank.
Just a well he didn't eat any of the fish!
He even got to help drive the bus home!
There were lots of amazing creatures in the touch tank and aquarium...
We explored the rock pools and found different sorts of seaweed,
sea snails, worms, crabs, glass shrimps and other cool things.

After lunch we enjoyed a play at Shorland Park.
Some of our parent and teacher helpers were asked to
wear 'special safety gear' (aka fishy hats).
We all loved the bus ride.


  1. Hello B5! Wow, what lovely photos from your trip last week! It was so much fun to get up close with the amazing sea creatures both on the rocky shore and in the touch tanks! I loved seeing you all being so brave as you carefully handled the starfish and sea slugs - what an experience! Thanks for having me along, I really enjoyed seeing you all and getting to know Thomas' friends a bit more :o)

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey B5 - I had the best day ever with you guys last week! Looking forward to coming to talk to you all about our friends the sea stars :)


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