Friday, 11 March 2016

B5 Class Garden...


To our friends and family.

We have decided to make a Jack and the Beanstalk garden.  It will have a Giant scarecrow, flags, a birdhouse letterbox, a feijoa tree, parsley, beans, apple tree, squash and flowers.

We need some things from home: brown wool, rope, adult size jeans, an old work shirt, old gumboots, straw to stuff him.  We have seeds but some plants would be good too.  Do you have an old letterbox we could have or can you help us make one out of old wood?

Our garden has to be ready by Easter so we need all the stuff next week please.  Thank you.

From B5

This is our class garden now...
We are excited about our plan for our garden...
This is our plan for our garden...

This picture from Jack and the Beanstalk is like
the birdhouse letterbox we want to make...
Can you see the Giant?  

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  1. We have a school vege garden , we grew peas, beetroot, lettuce. It was all yummy to eat. Enjoy growing in your garden


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