Friday, 4 March 2016

Discovery and the Rocky Shore...

Today our discovery activities stemmed from a visit we had last week to the Island Bay Marine Education Centre and rocky shore in Wellington.  

We are moving into an Inquiry about 'Our Friends in the Sea' and today many of the children opted to construct a new Inquiry wall display.  So down came the old one and out came the fabric scraps, coloured paper, crayons, scissors, glue, cotton balls, glitter (got to have glitter in a junior classroom!), and staples (many of them)....

The finished wall - we love it!
Our value focus was responsibility (for ourselves, our learning, people, places and things) and the key skill we were trying to practice was managing self (solving problems, finding solutions, thinking creatively, getting things done).  There were so many aspects of these important areas in the work the children did on the wall.  They initiated the project and then found ways to share their ideas, find resources, construct and reflect on their work (including asking Mrs P to write a 'heading' for the wall as there was no words on it).  

Other discovery activities today included pastel and dye art (many children did sea themed work, inspired by their designer buddies), chalk and water painting in the sunshine, art and craft materials to use creatively with fish and snail templates (we had kites, necklaces, wall art and more) and of course cars & construction (always a winner).

We love discovery, and we get so much from it.  After each session we do a reflection circle and share examples of how we have shown the values and competencies through the work we've done and the interactions we've had with other.  Discovery rocks (like the pun?  rocky shore ... hehehe)! 

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