Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Making Choices and Expressing Ourselves...

As we move towards future focused learning, students are given opportunities to make more choices about the way they learn and what they learn. For this to be successful, students first need to understand how they learn, be able to express their ideas and thoughts and make informed choices in order to make things happen.  It's harder to think than you think ...

Over the last week we have been talking about talking ... saying what we want to say, and what we mean to say; expressing ourselves; sharing our ideas with others...

It is tricky and sometimes we feel shy when we are asked what we think, and the person who is asking really does want to know our ideas.  Sometimes we know what we want to say or have an idea in our head, but it is hard to make the words come out right,  like when we are writing a story or when we are reading and go to retell the story in our own words.  When we are given a choice of different activities, sometimes it is easier to do what our friends are doing than make our own choice.  We are learning about how important it is to be ourselves and to do and say what we think is best for us.

To help us to practice sharing our own thoughts and ideas, we are all going to bring in something from home in a paper bag.

We will all have turns to share our special items with the class, but ... we need to describe what's in the bag, how it makes us feel, what we can do with it etc and the class is going to try and guess what is in the bag, instead of us just telling them! This activity gives us all the opportunity to practice our listening skills, our speaking skills, saying what we mean and sharing a little bit about ourselves (expressing ourselves) with others,

Mrs P will give us all a bag tomorrow and we can bring something in for sharing news on Friday.  

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  1. Hello Super Duper B5s! I am amazed at all the wonderful learning you have been up to this term! Theodore is very lucky to be in B5 too and I see he liked his trip to the Rocky Shore too! I see you got up to something very interesting when you all shared your special item and put it in the brown paper bag. I am sure you were all very clever at describing what was inside and your class mates could guess what it was! Keep up the great learning B5!


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