Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Our Super-Duper Super-Hero Visitor...

Guess what?  B5 got a visit from Vane from ASB.  Sshhh ... he is a real-life superhero! He is Captain Cashtastic.  He told us about money and wants and needs.  It was exciting.

Today Vane came to talk to the class about money.  We talked about the difference between cents and dollars and spent some time identifying the different coins and notes. We were able to order them from the lowest value to the highest value.  We were pretty good at it.  Vane talked to us about wants vs needs  A want is something you'd like but you don't have to have in order to live.  Like food, water, shelter, clothing are needs. Shopkins, Lego and lollies are wants!

Vane told us a secret ... he is really a super-hero!
Captain Cashtastic shows us the different coins.
Doing money super-hero training .. growing like a seed
and like our savings if we look after our money.

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