Saturday, 23 April 2016

Adult Buddy Reading Programme...

Mrs Graham and Mrs Wilson have set up an 'Adult Buddy Reading Programme' in the Junior School. If any parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc are free during school hours to read with a junior child we would love to hear from you...

  • You can come in at any time of the day between 9am-3pm.
  • You will be reading with only one child at a time.
  • There will be an allocated room for reading.
  • Each child will have a box of books and helpful resources for you to use (these will be kept in the allocated reading room).
  • We will have an information meeting about the 'Adult Buddy Reading Programme' for those of you wanting to get helpful tips and ideas.  This will be in Week 2 of Term 2 (more information will be sent out closer to the time).
If you are interested in helping out with the 'Adult Buddy Reading Programme' please come in and see me or send me an email. 

Friday, 15 April 2016

End of term and end of book week...

Well today is the end of Term 1.  What an amazing way to end it with our Book Week Character Parade.  Our whole school joined up in one huge long line and snaked our way in and out of classrooms admiring the amazing efforts everyone had made decorating our doors and being surprised by the amazing book character costumes on display.

Here's our class this morning ...

Can you spot Violet Beauregarde (aka Alexis) dressed up as a blueberry (from Charlie and the Chocolate factory)? What about our unicorn (Rocco), Captain America (Bryan), Superman (Feo), Dracula (Carter), Periwinkle the fairy (Lily), Minli from Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (Nia), Jake from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Eshaan), Fancy Nancy (Mrs P), IronMan (Thomas), the witch from Hotel Transylvania (Megan), Elsa from Frozen (Michelle), Nala from The Lion King (Izzy), Tinkerbell 1 (Riley), Tinkerbell 2 (Isobelle),  a beautiful flower fairy (Sienna), Jasmine from Aladin (Alysha), the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella (Millie), a dashing cowboy (Kevin), Spiderman (Zhimeng) and The Lorax (Lukas) and Rawhiti?

What an awesome bunch of kids.  Thanks for all taking the effort to participate in our character dress-up day.

Our door turned out really well.  It's been a really interesting activity.  We've read The Lorax and talked about the messages in the story about how to look after our environment for future generations (sustainability).  For writing we wrote stories about what we could do to look after the environment.  We also made 'speech' bubbles for our people on the door, and learnt how to make pom-poms and turn them into trufulla trees! The students had collaged a mural of The Lorax that features on our door too. In B5 we speak for the trees...
Our fabulous Lorax door.  

Thank you to all the students of B5 for a great first term.  We've got to know one another and are working well as a group.  Our reading, writing, math is progressing and we love art, music and inquiry.  Thank you to the parents and caregivers who've helped out in class, taken an interest, read at night with their children and come along on trips.  We appreciate all you do.  Last but not least, thank you to our blog readers.  We look forward to you following our learning journey next term also.  Happy holidays! 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Principal's Award...

Today at our Junior Assembly Mrs Henderson came along to present the Principal's Awards for Term 1.  

This award recognises excellence and effort at school and demonstration of all of our school values. For example, always trying our best, showing respect to others, showing resilience when things get hard, taking responsibility for our things, giving things a go even when we're not sure ...  

Today Isobelle received the Principal's Award - congratulations. We are very proud of you.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Sharing News...

Following on from our Learning to Learn lessons this week on self-expression and saying what we mean to say, today for sharing news our students brought in something special from home.  They kept it tucked away in a brown paper bag.  As a class we discussed what a good description would include, without giving away what the object was.  We decided we needed to explain what it looked like (shape, colour, size, features), what it does, how it works, where we got it, how we feel about it ... We had great fun sharing our items and guessing what each other had brought in.  There were special gem stones, photos, books, movies, toys, cuddlies and more.  It was a great exercise in public speaking, good listening, using describing words and sharing about ourselves. 

Kevin describing what was in his bag ...
Ethan told us a great story about how he came about getting
his special sharing news - some gemstones from Australia.
Later on in the day, Riley and Kevin got to practice their public speaking skills even more when they hosted our B Block Discovery Hui.  Tino pai Riley and Kevin.  You did a fantastic job.