Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Community Superheroes - Nurse ...

Last week we spent lots of time talking about fictional superheroes and identifying their strengths, skills and purpose.  We realised that there are lots of other types of superheroes too, and they don't all wear capes!  In fact, we can be everyday superheroes by helping others, being good at what we do, trying hard or having a special skill.

We thought about the everyday superheroes in our community - nurses and doctors, army soldiers, fire fighters, police, ambulance staff and more.  

This Tuesday, we were very happy to have Riley's mum Debbie come and visit.  Debbie is a nurse in the children's outpatients department at our local hospital.  She told us that there are approximately 1000 nurses who work there.  That's a lot of nurses.  

We asked about some of things she does during the day.  Debbie told us she measures weight, height, blood pressure (how hard the blood is pumping through your body), temperature (using a thermometer), listen to your lungs and heart (using a stethoscope) and even checks reflexes with a tendon hammer.

Debbie spoke to us about bugs and germs.  She said the best thing we can do to stop bugs spreading was to wash and dry our hands (the drying bit is important).  Debbie explained that some germs are good for you though, as they help build your immunity (your body's ability to fight infections).  You can also boost your immunity by having immunisations or vaccinations.  An immunisation tells your body how to fight the bad bugs!

Isobelle asked, "How many patients do you see a day?"  Debbie sees up to 30 patients.

Nia & Rocco were interested in how casts were removed.  Debbie explained that there are different tools that are used including some special blunt scissors with curved ends (so they don't cut skin) and sometimes little electric saws.  

We wondered how you become a nurse.  Debbie studied for 3 years after leaving school to become a nurse.  She told us that doctors train for 7 years.  

Ethan wanted to know what colour blood is when it comes out of the body, as he had heard that it was blue until it was exposed to oxygen.  It is in fact always red, often dark red.

We learnt so much about nurses today.  They really are superheroes in our community. They help us to be healthy and to get better if we are sick or injured. 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Chess Champs...

Yesterday our friend Zhimeng and his older brother participated in a regional chess tournament along with a team of children from Eastern Hutt.  Zhimeng was the youngest participant from our school and did so well. He won 1 game and drew 3.  Wowee.  We are very proud of you Zhimeng.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Superheroes ...

This week our classroom has been taken over by superheroes!  We've been talking about lots of fictional superheroes (made up ones), their superpowers and how they help people.

We know lots of superheroes.  Some of us have powers just like the superheroes ... we can run fast, jump high, bend easily and even help people.

We learnt a new song too...

We read a really neat story called Charlie's Superhero Underpants.  Then we rewrote the story in our own words, using places we know in New Zealand.  We played with alliteration - dazzling Dunedin, windy Wellington, amazing Auckland.  It was really fun. You can read our stories in our Inquiry books, and we made them into a book for our class and also for the school library.  Here's the original story...

We finished the week with a Superhero Dress-up day.  What a  great way to tune into our new inquiry...

Friday, 20 May 2016

Science Discovery...

This afternoon we finished off Science Week with a science discovery ...

We explored the properties of magnets and discovered that opposites attract and that some materials cannot be picked up with a magnet.

We took a closer look at some amazing objects from nature, like pumice stone, shells, pinecones, sand.  We used magnifying glasses.

 We used small sticks to construct things ... we tried to build towers but they collapsed, but we could use them to make shapes.

We experimented with whether objects could sink or float. 


Discovery was fun!

To end the day, the students who brought in science experiments were presented with a Young Scientist Award.  

Thank you B5 friends and family for supporting your children to give science a go this week. We have all enjoyed it.

Student Writing ...

Riley, Isobelle and Nia had a go at typing their science writing today.  They did such a good job ...

Izzy’s experiment is called a Tornado in a Jar.  What Izzy did was get a bottle of water and  some dish washing liquid  and some glitter. Then she put the dish washing liquid in the bottle of water. Then she put in some glitter and with her hands, she spun it round in circles. I was very surprised about how she could do it! When she spun it, it made a Tornado!

~ By Riley

Izzy  brought in  her science  experiment .she needed a bottle  filled with water and some glitter. then she put water  into the water bottle then she shook the bottle .It made a  whirl pool i  liked  it a lot.  

~ By Isobelle

This   experiment   is   by   me.Its   called    the   milk   experiment.You   need:    two   small    lids,  milk,  food  colouring,  detergent.This   is what you do:  You por some milk in one of the lids then you por some food colouring in the milk.  Then you get a cotin tip and put it in some detergent and then put it in the milk.  The milk with the food colouring spreads out because of   surface   tension   I  liked    showing    it    in   front   of   the   class.   

~ By   Nia

Sensational Science...

Today Rocco and Sienna brought in their science experiments.

Sienna mixed 3 teaspoons of salt into a smaller jar of white vinegar. She stirred it until it had almost dissolved.  She had some dirty 10cent coins.  She dipped the coins into the vinegar mixture.  To our surprise the colour of the coin changed.  Sienna  explained that there had been a chemical reaction between the vinegar and the salt, and this had stripped the muck off the coin.  Very cool...

Rocco wowed us with a balloon experiment.  He put a balloon onto the end of a funnel and added 3 tablespoons of baking soda.  The baking soda fell into the balloon.  Carefully took the balloon off the funnel and put it over the top of the vinegar jar.  Rocco lifted the balloon slightly and the baking soda fell into the vinegar bottle.  The balloon blew up before our eyes!  By itself!  

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Science, Science, Science...

"Today we read a book called 'Will They Float?'  Then we did an experiment to see if things would float or sink.  We were surprised that the orange sunk.  We thought it would float because we know that apples do!  We enjoyed reading today."

Followed by more experiments:

Rawhiti showed us a chemical reaction with baking soda and malt vinegar...

 Remember Ethan's egg from yesterday?  Well it has no shell today and it's bouncy!

Zhimeng showed us how water magnifies things.  He put a small apple into the tub of water and it looked huge!

Riley showed us a 'Dancing Raisins' experiment.  She put water into a jar containing baking soda. Then she added some raisins and they sunk to the bottom.  She topped up the jar with white vinegar.  The vinegar and baking soda reacted.  Little bubbles formed all over the raisins and they started floating to the top.  The bubbles popped and the raisins sunk and they did it all over again.

Megan showed us an experiment to demonstrate absorbancy.  She got a disposable nappy and poured 2 cups of water slowly into it.  The nappy held all the water, and it got really fat.  We used some scissors and pulled the nappy apart.  The dry part of it had a filling that looked like the inside of a pillow.  The wet part was full of slimy gel!

Thomas showed us a cool experiment to demonstrate viscosity.  He had a jar of water and added cooking oil to it.  He used some droppers and added little drops of colour to the oil and water mixture.  Then we put the lid on.  The little balls of colour exploded in the water - they looked like fireworks going off.  This experiment was called 'Fireworks in a Jar'.