Friday, 20 May 2016

Science Discovery...

This afternoon we finished off Science Week with a science discovery ...

We explored the properties of magnets and discovered that opposites attract and that some materials cannot be picked up with a magnet.

We took a closer look at some amazing objects from nature, like pumice stone, shells, pinecones, sand.  We used magnifying glasses.

 We used small sticks to construct things ... we tried to build towers but they collapsed, but we could use them to make shapes.

We experimented with whether objects could sink or float. 


Discovery was fun!

To end the day, the students who brought in science experiments were presented with a Young Scientist Award.  

Thank you B5 friends and family for supporting your children to give science a go this week. We have all enjoyed it.

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  1. It looked like the kids had a great time this week with their experiments. Thanks for putting it all up on the blog. It is fantastic to see themore. Lisa


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