Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Science Week Continues...

Today we had lots of experiments...

Mrs P's daughter Olivia gave us instructions for doing a 'Walking Colour' experiment. 

We had lots of predictions (hypothesis) about what might happen.  Some students thought the water would empty completely out of the first cup and go to the next.  One student thought the colour in the middle cup would turn orange.  Some children think the colour in the middle cup will go green.

After 2 hours ... the middle cup of water is turning green!
Eshaan showed us an experiment about filtration.  He had a tube with different layers of rocks, pebbles, sponge and filter paper.  He poured dirty water in the top of the tube.  As the water trickled through the layers in the tube, the dirt was left behind, and the water came out 'clean' at the bottom.

Ethan prepared his experiment at home last night.  It is called the Naked Egg experiment. He put an egg (in it's shell) in a jar and covered it with white vinegar.  He added orange food colouring.  Overnight he observed little bubbles forming on the egg.  You can see where the shell is starting to dissolve.  Ethan predicts that the egg shell will disappear and the egg will be left in it's membrane in the vinegar mixture.  We will look to see what happens with it tomorrow.

Millie talked to us about genetics.  She explained that genetics were a bit like the instructions that come with a Lego set!  When you construct the Lego it has a pattern or set of instructions.  Every person has their own set of instructions (genetics).  There are some things we can and can't do.  There are some things we have and don't have on our bodies.  Millie did a series of 'experiments' to see what similarities and differences we had with our genetics.  

Can you roll your tongue?

Alysha made a clock work, out of a LEMON.  Wow!  We knew that fruit and vegetables gave us energy but we hadn't realised they could power a clock! She had two lemon halves, a circuit made with a white wire connected to a digital clock screen on one end and a piece of copper or zinc on the other.  She pushed the zinc on one end of the white wire into one half of the lemon, and the copper end into the other.  Then she pushed the copper end of the black wire into the lemon with the zinc already in it, and the zinc into the lemon with the copper already in it.  To our surprise the clock started working!  The reaction between the zinc and copper had created an electrical circuit.  The lemon was a the conductor.  It was very cool.

Lily did her experiment last night and brought it in today.  It demonstrated something called osmosis.  She got some cups and put food colouring and water in them.  She put a white flower into each cup.  Overnight the flowers soaked up the coloured water and the petals changed colour.  What a beautiful experiment.

Isobelle did an experiment this afternoon and we are looking forward to it developing over the next couple of days.  It was a crystal growing kit!  We took 200 mls of hot water and stirred a bag of crystal compound powder into it, until it dissolved.  After letting it cool for a bit, Isobelle added 4 small spoons of red 'ruby' crystal powder.  We carefully put the lid on and the crystal jar is now sitting on the window sill.  We are very excited to see what has happened when we go back to school tomorrow...

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  1. We really likes the walking colour experiment , we would like to try that experiment tomorrow. We are also completing science experiments .


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