Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Super-Duper B5 Line-Up...

We are learning about measurement.  Today we played a game.  We had to try and line up from tallest to shortest (or shortest to tallest) without talking or touching.  It was pretty tricky.  We did an awesome job...

Some people are the same height and some people are taller or shorter than other people. ~ Lily

Riley is the tallest person in the class ~ Millie

I am the smallest person in the class ~ Megan

Bryan is the same height as me ~ Eshaan

Millie and Lily are the same height ~ Rawhiti

Me and Riley are almost the same height ~ Alysha

I am almost the same height as Ethan ~ Kevin

Kevin, Bryan,Eshaan and Rocco are the same height ~ Carter

The boys are taller then the girls

We noticed that if you are taller then you might have bigger feet so we checked and we found out that just because you might be smaller it doesn’t mean your feet are!

I am the tallest boy in the class ~ Ethan

I am almost the same height as Feo ~ Nia

Me and Carter are almost the same height ~ Alexis

I am the shortest boy in the class (except for Theodore) but I am taller than Megan ~ Zhimeng

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