Monday, 20 June 2016

Everyday Superheroes - Firefighters ...

There was a sense of excitement earlier today when some firefighters came to visit us. There was eight firefighters and two fire engines.  We were shown all the special equipment that they use and wear.  We learnt lots of new information.  Now lots of us want to be firefighters!

These are all the controls for the appliance...
Check out the big wheels and all the special markings
that say where the fire engine comes from...
A fire engine is like a giant toolbox...
Firefighter Manu shows us the sledge hammer
There are two type of hoses - some are for big fires and connect to the
pipes in the ground.  The small hose connects to a water tank
on the fire engine which holds 1300 litres of water!  That's a lot of water.
This is Firefighter Johnny.
He is wearing his special firefighters uniform.
The ladder can reach as high as 17 metres.  That's very high.
This is a different sort of ladder,
Firefighter Manu showing us the remote controls for the ladder. 
Firefighter Brownie climbs into the ladder basket for us! 
We watched a cool video about becoming a firefighter.  

We also learnt that an important part of what the firefighters do is to install smoke alarms and educate the community about keeping themselves safe from fire.  

There are some great games and online activities available for kids on the Firewise website.  Click here to take a look.

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