Thursday, 7 July 2016

Warm Fuzzy Day ...

Today was an exciting day as we filled our Warm Fuzzy Jar and had a celebration!

In March, Michelle estimated we would have 77 warm fuzzies in the jar when it was full. We counted and we got 75.  As she was the closest, Michelle chose something from our prize box as a reward.  

We decided to wear our pyjamas or dress-ups and bring a special cuddly toy from home. Thomas and Alexis performed a special magic show for us.  They were really good at it ...

After morning tea we had buddy time with A7.  We watched Shaun the Sheep and had yummy popcorn.  Then we got to have a shared lunch.  We had so much yummy food we shared some with our buddies and our friends in neighbouring classrooms!

In the afternoon we made poi out of old plastic shopping bags and we learnt a special song called  E Rere Takū Poi.

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