Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Building Resilience - The Spirit of Polynesia...

Today we had a visit from Bernard Mangakahia. Bernard has visited our school before. He brings with him tales from his family and from other cultures. He shares his message through stories, dance and music.  Today he spoke about resilience, and the importance of not giving up and working towards our dreams.

Here is a quote from an Olympian athlete (we're learning about the Olympics this term), with a similar message to the one Bernard shared today...

Bernard told us about his Great Grandmother and her efforts towards helping New Zealand woman having the right to vote, she showed lots of determination and resilience. He also told us about his amazing father-in-law Pat, who with an amputated leg, scaled one of the highest mountains in India with Bernard and his wife.  Bernard's son always dreamed of being a professional dancer and today, he is.  He has danced in New York and in London. What great efforts!  What courage!  What resilience!  Bernard explained that if you really, truly believed in something and worked hard for it, then you can achieve it.

We all enjoyed Bernard's show.

If you fall ... get up, keep going - never give up!
Rise each time you fall!

Learning tricky dances like this Fijian fire dance is very hard,
but Bernard never gave up.  He started learning when he was only a
young boy.  Look at him now!

Bernard showed us our very own tricky dance to learn and practice.
It is the Samoan sasa.  I wonder if we will be as good as Bernard
if we keep on trying and don't give up?
Bernard encouraged us to all think of a couple of people who we know and aspire to be like who are resilient.  These people make good role models.  They help keep us on track towards achieving our dreams.
Who inspires you?  
Who do you know who is resilient?

This video from Bernard's website gives you a look at what was included in the Kia Toa show he brought to our school today...

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