Friday, 26 August 2016

Creating Champions...

Throughout the term we've been doing SO much creating as well as learning lots about the Olympics.  Today we took the time before Discovery to carefully consider what we were going to make, with what and how.  We call this a 'plan'.

1. Think about what we're going to create;
2. Think about what we will use to make it;
3. Draw a plan of what we're going to make and list the items we need to use;
4. Make it!
5. Reflect on how it went, and if we had to adapt our plan or design for our creation.

At the end of our Discovery time we brought our creations back to the group and shared them with each other.  Some of us had changed our plans because the materials we wanted to use weren't available, or the plan was too hard, or because as we were creating our plan turned into something else!  
Lily made a New Zealand flag and an Olympic torch...
Bryan designed and created a B Block Olympic Ring symbol!
Lot's of design champions in this class!
Isobelle designed a scene which had 3 different sports and sports areas -
a court, a field and a pool.  She made holes in the sides of the box
and made sports figurines out of paper attached to straws and used them like puppets.
Shoma made a rugby field...
Next Friday we will be following a 'proper' design brief that we will write during the week.  Watch this space...

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