Monday, 8 August 2016

Olympics Fun in B Block...

So we got a letter...

We're all very excited about the Rio Olympics, so to have the opportunity to participate in our own is really cool.  We're all about 'creating' this term, so we're looking forward to learning about the Olympics and then creating our own version of it.  First things first ... to come up with a country name!  Lots of ideas to choose from so far (all contributed by the students)...

We already have a class mascot, Theodore, and we have decided he would be a super Olympic mascot.  He also matches our country's allocated colour (white).  Theodore speaks 'Meowinese' (a made up language - so far he's taught us how to count to ten!)

Today we learnt about the Olympic rings, why there is 5 of them and what colours there are (and why).  We studied different countries flags and identified lots that had the Olympics colours on them.

Our B Block Olympics logo is made up of rings too, but we have 6 rings (because there are 6 classrooms).  B5 has been allocated the colour 'white'.

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