Thursday, 27 October 2016

Let's Entertain You - Visual Arts...

In our last post we told you all about our awesome trip to the Dowse.  Remember we made some art work?  We got to use a variety of different painting tools and techniques to paint our abstract shaped paper.  We've been talking about how artists present their work and to whom.  We decided as a class that we would like our very own 'Art Gallery' so Mrs P took down the inquiry display and we're going to use that space.  Some of us want to take our work home and others want to add it to the gallery. 

Some artists frame their work and others don't.  We decided to mount ours onto coloured paper.  We attached our work to the wall how we wanted it.  We can all see different things in the shapes.  What can you see?  

We've also written about our trip and the way we created our art work.  We published our writing in our best printing.  Mrs P asked if we'd like to put it on the wall too, but we asked instead for the stories to be made into a book.  If you come into our classroom you will find the book on the display table next to our Art Gallery. 

We're going to do some special Diwali art tomorrow.  Who knows?  We might add some more to our Gallery...

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