Friday, 14 October 2016

The Fantastic World of Colour ...

With the arrival of Spring and the start of Diwali, there is burst of colour everywhere. On Wednesday we are looking forward to going to the Dowse Museum to participate in a workshop all about the the Colour Spectrum: A Celebration of Colour.  Using paint and a range of tools students will explore mark making and colour mixing techniques.

The workshop sounds fun and we all love colour, but we have lots of questions!

"What's a spectrum?"
"What are techniques?"
"What sort of tools do artists use?"

Today we watched a cool video about ROY G. BIV.  He lives at the end of a rainbow, and his name spells out the colour spectrum.  R is for red, O is for orange, Y is for yellow, G is for green.  B is for blue, I for indigo, and V is for violet - that spells ROY G. BIV.  We also learned that there are primary and secondary colours ("just like there is primary and secondary school!").  If you mix primary colours together then you get secondary colours. 

"If you mix secondary colours together do you get third colours?"
"Who makes up the names of new colours?"
"What colour is indigo, really?  Is it blue or is it purple?  Or something else?"

We decided to make our own rainbow art.  We had lots of different things we could use - paper, paints, chalk, felt pens, Jovis, coloured pencil, pastels.  Some of us made our art with only one thing, others used a mixture.  We learnt that using different things to make art is called using different medium (types of things).   When we used the paints, some of us used brushes and some of us used our fingers.

We like our rainbows!  They made us happy :)

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