At Home ...

Click on the links below for websites, songs, activities and games related to the different learning areas we explore in class ...

NZ Maths This fantastic site supports our New Zealand Curriculum, and provides lots of suggested activities, games and even has printable resources, for families to explore at home together.

Reading & Writing
Sight Word Songs  In class we are learning to read and spell words from the 'Essential Spelling Lists'.  These catchy songs (some have actions which your children will become familiar with if we use these in class), will help your children become familiar with some of these frequently used words and recognise/use them in their reading and writing.
Starfall Although this is not a NZ site, you'll find lots of great resources and interactive activities here to enhance your child's literacy learning.

Science & Environment
EHS EnviroSchools We are an EnviroSchool and a School Gen school which means we care about our environment and have solar panels on our roof to make electricity from the sun. Learn more about this programme and science in our school on this blog.
The Solar System Song An informative song with an engaging video that tells us all about the planets in our solar system.
Kids Science Experiments Some fun & fabulous experiments you can do using many household ingredients and resources ... kids please do these with the close supervision of an adult.

Arts & Crafts


Looking After Ourselves
Busterville  An official NZ Police website for children, providing information, games and activities which promote keeping safe, and what to do (ring 111) in an emergency.
Firewise Kids  Official kids site for NZ Fire Service, providing information, games and activities which promote keeping safe, and what to do (ring 111) in an emergency.
5+ A Day Promoting healthy and nutritional eating for Kiwi kids.
SPARC (Sport and Recreation) Guidelines for parents/whānau on how to promote an active lifestyle for your family.  Includes resources and suggestions for activities for children 5-12 yrs (and from main menu for other age groups too).
Life Education Trust This is the site of Harold the Giraffe, the famous mascot for the Life Education Trust.  In the kid's section you'll find games, songs and interesting links that teach children about the wonder of life, themselves, and other people, with the aim of promoting how children can reach their full potential.

Te Reo Māori
Te Reo Story Books  Have fun co-constructing an online storybook in both English and Te Reo.  Listen to the pronunciation of the words, and try reading it yourselves.
NZ Folksong - Waiata Website with lyrics and some sound clips for lots of different waiata.

Other Sites You Might Like To Visit