Discovery learning is known as active learning because children participate actively in the learning process...
Through discovery, children have opportunities to question and solve problems without expecting the answer to be given to them.  This enables children to develop confidence in their own abilities and discoveries, which in turn encourages children to go further.
Discovery learning is meaningful because:
  • It makes use of children’s own personal associations as a basis for understanding;
  • Figuring out the process rather than just following directions results in a solution unique to the learner;
  • Children are forced to confront their current ideas about the subject, many of which may be misconceptions, and reconcile them with what they now observe to be the case;
  • Because children are able to see principles actually at work, they have a better grasp of the ideas;
  • Because children learned in a context similar to the eventual context of use they will be able to recognise an opportunity to use the information more easily;
  • Because children began connecting the information to the "real world" its value is clearer to them. 

In B5 children will have the opportunity to be active learners as part of our discovery programme.  Be sure to check out our Discovery posts on this blog.