Our Blog ...

Throughout the year we will update our blog with some of the fantastic learning taking place in our class.  Our fabulous class members will be able to share their ideas, learning and progress with you.  Our blog is just one of the many ways the children in room B5 will develop digital literacy skills, and learn how to become safe, responsible 'digital citizens'. It's also a great way for family and friends to be actively involved in their children's learning, by checking our blog regularly throughout the school year.

Through the 'At Home' page you can access learning-related activities and games that will enhance what your child is learning at school.  Please let me know if any of these links are no longer working or if you have suggestions for other educational kids sites. 

Feel free to post positive comments on any posts and encourage others in your family to do the same, we'd love to hear from you. Please note, all comments will be reviewed before they are published.

Commenting on Blog posts
  • Click on the title of the blog ‘post’ you’d like to comment on.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the post.
  • Click on ‘comments” (it counts how many comments have been added).
  • Type your comment in the box (only ever use first names of students, please).
  • Click on “comment as” and select your profile (if you don't have an account from those listed, choose anonymous). 
  • Type your name into the box (first names only).
  • Type in your comment.
  • Now click publish.
Note: Your comment will not show up straight away as all comments are moderated before we accept them on our blog!

Blogging Guidelines for B5
  • Always use people’s first names only (also a guideline for families or friends when they post comments to us.
  • Always 'read back' our stories and comments, and check our spelling before we post!
  • Stop, plan, and think, about our posts and our comments.  Ask ourselves: Is it ok to share with others? Be positive and think about how we make each other feel.
  • Explore other class blogs.  See what they are sharing and get great ideas from them, but always acknowledge where these ideas come from and make the idea our own!  
  • Enjoy our blog and be proud of our learning journey!